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110 Clients

175M+ Impressions

10.8k+ LI posts

403K+ Followers

54,612 new followers.
27M impressions.
483% ROI (with 125+ leads generated).


Marketing Brand

14.3M impressions. 150,996 likes. $115,023 (in earned media value).


L&D Company


412K impressions. 2892 new followers. 10 inbound leads.
(In just 60 days


PR Agency

Working with Yello Hippo is one of the best investments I've ever made.

— James Roycroft-Davis (Founder)

4.8M impressions.
14.3K new followers.

Founder & Investor,

Social Agency

336K impressions. £25K direct revenue.
733% ROI.


Recruitment agency

+630% impressions. +156% followers. 450% ROI.


Marketing Agency

“The team have been transformational in scaling my brand. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Jordan Schwarzenberger

Co-Founder, Arcade Media

"What makes Yello Hippo stand out is the time they invest to achieve high quality results."

Ilse French,

Co-Founder, When Pigs Fly

"The workshop was packed with value and has gotten me more inbound leads than ever before."

Pascalle Bergmans,

Founder, PresenTales

"Every aspect of working with them is grade A. They're an invaluable part of my business."

Maria Villablanca,

Founder, Villablanca Consulting

I had a coaching call with Yello Hippo. The value that they delivered in 2.5hrs was incredible.

— Jane Kisnica (Freelancer)

Meet the Yello Hippo team.

Gabriel Oosthuizen

Senior Personal Brand Manager

Shoaib Ahmed

Founder & Director

Charlotte Moon

Senior Personal Brand Manager

Laurel Denney

Executive Assistant

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"Working with Yello Hippo has genuinely changed my life. They have a magical way of building brands."

Amanda Baker,

Founder, 5 Stories

"Yello Hippo have helped me strategically build my brand and generate high-quality consistent leads."

Fiona Bradley,

Founder, FB Comms

"The workshop Yello Hippo delivered has transformed the way I use and engage with people on LinkedIn."

Adam Faulkner,
Freelancer, CreativeAF

“Yello Hippo's personal branding methodology is brilliant. They'e helped me instantly stand out”

Neeraj Shah

Founder, Titan Mastermind

"They've articulated my story in such a way that I’m now delivering global speaking events"

Ryan Felix,

Founder & Keynote Speaker

"I am thrilled with the results. Their team was responsive, supportive, and attentive throughout."

Kate Lock,

Ex-Founder, Noise PR

"The workshop gives you the confidence to post on LinkedIn with a clear direction."

Rosie Christie,

Co-Founder, Fusion

"Yello Hippo use personal storytelling to craft highly-engaging posts. I’m completely blown away!"

Maham Kabani,


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